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Progress of Doodle Camp

A couple issues I’d like to address about Doodle Camp:

1. A while ago I mentioned that I would be willing to work with those who want to take the class but can’t quite afford the $55 fee. Well, as of today, July 18, I’ve taken a good number of “scholarship-based” students and can’t accept any more. There will be a PDF available later this year and the workshop will be open to sign-ups until end of August (the blog will be up until Sept. 30), so if you want to take the class but can’t afford it right now, that’s an option.

2. I’ve decided to announce the winner of the Twitter RT contest. I started a contest a while back (when I announced the class) on Twitter. The one who retweeted the most about Doodle Camp would win a spot. The contest was open until July 20, however, since there is a clear winner, I’m going to announce it here. The winner is @suzanneb1123! Thanks to all who participated!

Thank you for the AWESOME response to Doodle Camp! It’s going to be a blast!

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