Dawn DeVries Sokol


SO Busy!!!

Art Journal Fridays will have to be on hold today as I’ve been extremely busy and wrapped up in Doodle Camp! We’re having LOADS of fun already. You can still register here. I am going to keep the blog up until at least the end of this year so you have plenty of time to work in the class.

In other news, I need to work on something to send to my new literary agent! YES, I signed on with a literary agent to handle all my book stuff. I’m looking forward to working with her in the future.

I gave my mom a copy of Doodle Sketchbook, and she says this one has an older vibe and is definitely for both boys and girls. I was eager to hear her thoughts on it, and she gave it a thumbs-up. Of course, she’s my mom and aren’t all moms biased when it comes to their kids? But I highly value her opinion, nonetheless!

I also heard from the CEO of my publisher, Gibbs Smith, who sent me a card to let me know that he LOVES Doodle Sketchbook! He says: “As a father of six boys and as a journaler myself, it’s right on.” Great words to hear from the CEO of your publisher!