Dawn DeVries Sokol


Question About Holiday Workshop

Hello! Just want to ask because I need some feedback:

Last year for the December art journaling workshop (online), I had two different levels. One was for the whole workshop and we made a journal out of cereal boxes and duct tape, prepared the interior pages, and then spent December with daily prompts. The other level of the workshop was just the December prompts. Those participating in that level started with a journal they made beforehand or a store-bought journal.

This year, I’m half-tempted to just offer the workshop with just the prompts, meaning students would have a journal they made already or a store-bought journal. I would also offer some techniques for interior pages. We would still start in November so we could prepare the pages, but the made journal would be your responsibility.

And this year I want to focus more on doodling anyway...

What do you think? Would you want to take the whole she-bang or just prompts?

Please comment in this post. I could really use your feedback! Thanks!