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Doodle: 12.31

OK, I FINALLY have got some things figured out for the holiday doodling/art journaling e-workshop here! First off, the workshop title and logo:

Past holiday workshops have been titled 12.31 and I figured since I was going to focus more on doodling this year, that I would just incorporate the two together to keep some consistency.

We are going to have so much fun this year! Here are some specifics:

• You’ll need your own journal this year. In previous years, I have also taught a journal-making portion of the class in November, but with NaNoJouMo and everything, it just gets really crazy. So, I’m just going to focus on daily prompts, tips, and techniques this year.

• The workshop will officially start December 1 and continue daily through December 31.

• There will be a private blog with password access.

• Journaling during the holidays can be stressful and I want this workshop to be anything but. I don’t expect you to journal EVERY day in December. This workshop is what you want to make of it. There are no rules. You won’t be in trouble if you skip a day.

• That said, the blog will be available to students until Feb. 28. That should give you plenty of time to access prompts and videos so you can finish your journal at your own pace.

• You know how I LOVE giveaways? Well, yeah, there’s gonna be one in this workshop!

• If you journaled with me last year in 12.31, never fear! This workshop will be new. Yes, you may see elements from year’s past, but the workshop itself will be new. My Starbucks love won’t go away, though! :)

Registration is $38 and closes Dec. 1!


The regular Q&As:

What kinds of things will you be teaching?

Well, I can’t teach you HOW to doodle because everyone already knows how to do that. Doodling is a form of art but it’s also form of meditation, brainstorming, experimentation, and documentation. I want to help you get your doodle juices flowing. Each day I will post a prompt, a tip, a word, and a quote to get you going. I will also post at least one video per week demo-ing one of my journaling/doodling techniques. I want you to art journal/doodle and ENJOY your holidays. Maybe you’ve lost your holiday spirit and are looking to restore the pleasure of the season. Maybe you just want to document the holidays. You will be surprised if you’ve never really focused on the holidays as an art journaling subject how much it can heighten holiday spirit and allow you to remember the season so much better! This workshop is whatever you want it to be. Journal every day, journal a couple of times a week. Note: I count a SCRIBBLE as journaling, so if that’s all you have time to do, that’s totally fine!


Anything else about the class lessons you can tell me?

I have to keep some things a surprise!! ;)


What is your policy on taking your class and then teaching it to others?

I would ask you to please not do that. I work hard to write my workshops and make them original. This is how I make my living and I ask that you respect that. Thank you.


Can I buy the workshop and share the password to the private blog with others?

I ask that you please not do that either. Again, I work hard to make a living in this manner. If you know of someone who wants to take the workshop but can’t afford to, please let them know to email me and we can work something out. Sharing the password and other class info with anyone who doesn’t register for it is pretty much stealing. You can post your results on your blog if you’d like, but please don’t go beyond that. I hope you understand.


What do I need to know about computers for the class?

As long as you know how to surf the internet, check emails and log on to the blog with the username and password I will supply, you won't have any problems!


Will I be able to ask for your help at any time?

Of course! As in my live workshops, I like to be available to my students for individual questions. Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. I will answer your emails as soon as possible. I’m even able to do live chats, if you want.


Once you have paid for Doodle: 12.31, I will send you a confirmation email. You will receive a detailed email around November 15 with a suggested materials list and other information.


Buy and Sign up by clicking on the Add to Cart below!

$38 for Doodle: 12.31


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