Dawn DeVries Sokol


Art Journal Fridays: Get REAL

In the previous post, I displayed a journal page I did yesterday. It’s not an upbeat page by any means, even though there are some more positive statements at the bottom. (And the journal pages a couple posts before that are a bit negative.) I try to be positive in my art journals. It is difficult to do, though. Some days are just yucky, no matter what. If we all lived beautiful, glorious lives ALL of the time, well, it wouldn’t be REAL.

Which is how we get to Art Journal Fridays. Our art journals are for the reality in our lives. Dirt and all. It may not be pretty all the time, but that’s OK! We are only human, after all. So I say to you: GET REAL in your journals. It’s OK. If it results in some—what you consider—ugly pages, then FINE! I know some say, “Well, I want this to be a keepsake for my daughter, or grandkids.” Whatever. My niece will get all my journals when I die (if they’re still intact by then) and she needs to know who I was, warts and all. I’m OK with that. If you want to stay neat and pretty, then get out your scrapbook (and I know I’m going to get some hate mail for that one). Art journals are for ALL the times in our lives...

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