Dawn DeVries Sokol


Tape Bound in Seattle

I went to Seattle this past weekend to stay with my friend, Shelley. We’ve been friends since the ninth grade and have known each other since the sixth grade. She’s definitely one of those people I won’t see for months on end and then pick up right where we left off. I value her friendship so much.

Over an eclectic Italian dinner in Ballard, we visited with Liesel Lund, an awesome art journaler and artist I’ve gotten to know through various retreats. I also spent yesterday with Carla Sonheim, a best-selling author (Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists) and multi-talented artist. She’s not afraid to try different things and keep her mind open to new possibilities. I admire them both so much!

When I was at Carla’s downtown Seattle studio, I got to spend some time art journaling in and on the tape bound journal (which I have great news to share about in the next few days!)...

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