Dawn DeVries Sokol


E-School is NOW in Session

I’ve been working all day on my new E-School! Since I’ve been offering online workshops and such, I’ve decided to put them all in a central location for registration. If you click on this button in the sidebar, it will take you to my current offerings. I will be adding more all the time! Some previous workshops I’ve offered will be available as PDFs soon, and some videos will also be available.

Right now, besides the registration for Doodle: 12.31 and Doodle Camp, you will find registration for my new indefinitely accessible mini e-class titled Bound with: Tape! YES! A mini e-class showing you how to make the tapebound journal we made in Doodle Camp. This has been the most requested project I’ve featured on d’blogala/dawndsokol.com, and if you’ve been wanting to learn how to make one but haven’t had the funds or desire to take Doodle Camp just to learn the tapebound journal, this is YOUR class! It’s just $10!!! So, get on over there and sign up!