Dawn DeVries Sokol


4th Class at CREATE

Tie-Dyed Doodling (3-Hour)

Date: Thursday, May 31
Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm
Join this technique-driven class using ordinary markers to create beautiful, watercolor-like backgrounds for your art journal pages. We’ll use these techniques to form our basis for our pages and over that play with some hardcore doodling and journaling.

Students Should Bring: A set of Crayola markers (preferably a large set of the washable markers, but Pip Squeaks are OK, too), 3 small spray bottles for water, a 2-inch soft bristle brush, an AquaFlo Brush, pens for black doodle work (like Microns), other pens for doodling, such as gel pens, Soufflé pens, etc., paper towels, a 9 x 12 pad of watercolor paper (Canson is suitable), a couple of water containers, heat guns


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