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I’m Back

I was out of town last week for Squam by the Sea. If you are an Urban Notebook student, please bear with me. I am getting the blog situated today and some videos posted.

If you have a chance to go to Squam, you really should. A wonderful group of women that I feel a part of now! Special thanks to Sarah Ahearn Bellemare for chatting with me and “comparing notes”. I felt an instant connection with her. Also special thanks to my friend, Shelley, for taking the plunge and heading there with me. I was surrounded by amazing women that all have incredible stories and were willing to share those stories. They fed my soul! And of course, the fabulous Elizabeth, founder of Squam, for masterminding Squam in the first place. This Squam was held in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and oh, was it beautiful. I will fill you in later! Now, I must get to work!

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