Dawn DeVries Sokol


What a Week

The better part of this last week was spent in DisneyWorld. We mainly went for Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, and to spend time with my bro-in-law and my friend, Mindy Lacefield. We met up with Mindy, Carissa Paige, and Brandi Marie Little on Monday and ate our way around the world together. We had SO much fun!

The strange thing is, I didn’t art journal while I was gone. I wrote down two bits of info in my journal and THAT WAS IT. Weird. I usually try to journal SOMETHING. Maybe it was because I didn’t have any downtime to myself.

The better part of Tuesday was spent with my bro-in-law and trying to get him and his significant other to ride Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roller Coaster. Also, I had to endure his comments about the election and just kept praying it would be over quickly and result in something I could live with. BUT, it was SUCH a fun day!

Hubby and I had Wednesday to ourselves and we bounced back and forth between Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. I kept wishing I could list the great snippets of conversation I was hearing all day. Of course, I didn’t. Where was my head? Probably away from everything I do every day. I guess I just needed a complete break.

So now I’m getting ready for my NYC workshops next weekend, trying to journal what we did at Disney, and impatiently awaiting the arrival of my advance copy of Art Doodle Love, which will be available in February. I will share sneak peeks when I get it!

By the way: Who’s hanging tough with NaNoJouMo? It doesn’t matter if you miss a day or two. Don’t let that make you stop. Just keep going. And don’t worry about creating a page a day! I NEVER journal that way...I can’t!!!!