Dawn DeVries Sokol


PLEASE Take the Vow

This issue is something near and dear to my heart—pinning without making sure the image is linked back to the original source, not a Tumblr site, or some other site that just posts anything and everything without properly crediting the source. (I come from a journalism background and was taught how important attribution is. I recently deleted pins from my boards that weren’t properly credited or linked.)

There’s been more awareness on social media about this, but since Pinterest is becoming VERY popular, it’s time we up the anty. PLEASE take the little extra effort to make sure the images you pin have an original source linked to them. And delete those you’ve pinned in the past that aren’t credited or linked properly. Also, if you see a pin that’s not credited or linked and know the source, please make sure to comment under the pin to let the pinner know. Professional creatives depend on these images; they are their livelihood. We need to protect these people and their work!

Linkwithlove.org is also campaigning today on Pinterest for this very issue. The vow below is inspired by that campaign!

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