Dawn DeVries Sokol


Coming Together

When you work on a big project, do you feel the moment it somehow gels together, it just all clicks and feels like you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel?

That’s how I’m feeling now with the city project:

I tried to take a picture of the top but I couldn’t get up high enough. But you can see some detail here.

My brother had come by yesterday and commented that I needed to use a black Sharpie and just add my doodles, etc. to make it feel more like my work. It was something I had been thinking about and he just confirmed it for me. He told me an artist never should compromise their vision. But in my designer mind, it’s been all about pleasing the client. Black was a color they wanted me to not really use. Yet black IS a big part of my work. So I added in black doodley details. All is well!

I should be finished Tuesday. Tomorrow I need to work on the last side (just above) and the top. I also need to call the City out to open the door so that I can paint within the crevices, etc. Don’t want to paint the door shut! Happy Sunday!