Dawn DeVries Sokol


Back from the Dead

Wow. I can’t BELIEVE what turning to the journal will do. OK, I CAN, but I hadn’t journaled in so long and was feeling pretty empty. Yesterday, I went to lunch with my mom, and everything seemed fine. But then I came home and started spiraling into a REALLY crappy mood. I went to Target, thinking I could lose myself in there for a while and just browse. NO. It didn’t work. So I came home and started journaling since I couldn’t seem to do anything else. And it was GOOD. DO NOT, IN ANY WAY, underestimate the power of your art journal!

I’m still debating whether to add color with gel pens to this spread. Of course, in the midst of moving, I can’t find certain pens, so I’m at a standstill there...

Opening the comments up for discussion on the good your journal can do. PLEASE comment! Oh, and Trece and Melissa, thank you for your kind emails yesterday. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me those things! :)