Dawn DeVries Sokol


What I’ve Been Doing...

For the last few days, I’ve been putting together a PDF for my Doodle Campers. It’s been quite the undertaking even for someone like me, who has book design experience. The interactivity is definitely a change and something to get used to. But it’s done and I’m satisfied somewhat. It’s been emailed to all Doodle Campers. (Note to Campers: Trash the first PDF I sent to you. It doesn’t include the Materials List.)

Speaking of Doodle Camp, I’m going to be hosting a LIVE version at CREATE in Orange County May 31! We are going to have a campfire (no kidding) and special little extras that will make it a retreat within a retreat! I’m REALLY excited about this workshop since the online version was so popular! And I’m teaching three other workshops there May 30 and 31: The Down-and-Dirty Paintless Journal, Doodle Soup: Jambalaya, and Tie-Dyed Doodling. Come join me, won’t you?