Dawn DeVries Sokol


Time for a Quickie

Last week I introduced a new featurette to dblogala.com called 10-Minute Journaling, a quick journal jump to get you art journaling, but in a period of 10 minutes. If you go beyond the 10 minutes, that’s OK, but start out thinking you’ll journal for 10 minutes. This is designed to at least get you INTO your journal.

For this week’s prompt, I want you to journal or doodle out a quick list on any page in your journal. It can be painted already, or be white. Maybe there’s already journaling on the page. That’s OK. Slap down a fave picture, if you want. Doesn’t have to relate to your list, it can be something very generic. And your list doesn’t have to be Shakespearean poetry; it can be a grocery list, if you’d like. Whatever pops into your mind. DON’T overthink it.

Highlight some of the words with different markers and maybe doodle some on your page. Again, don’t overthink. Just play. Have fun! (And DON’T feel as if you must fill the page! Just work in a section of the page. I’ll never understand why peeps put that pressure upon themselves to FILL a page!)

For this prompt, I chose a page in my 4 X 5 in. journal that had a few elements already:

• The little sunflower doodle in the upper right corner

• The big oval with the swirly flourishes (I wrote in Artfest Bound for this prompt)

• The word “love” in the bottom left corner.

• The photo of my grandmother at the bottom of the page

So mainly what I journaled was the list and date, the words Artfest Bound, the clouds, swirly border to the right, and the “grass” at the bottom.

BTW: For 10-Minute Journaling, comments will be enabled so you can chat if you have questions or anything you’d like to say. Thanks!