Art Journaling Exposed Blog Hop

I wish I could participate in this blog hop as I am a part of this wonderful publication, but alas am out of the studio. Here's the info:

Celebrate the launch of Art Journaling Exposed with us this weekend by following the blogs of its contributors and featured artists! These remarkable women will be giving you a closer look at the eMag-- the projects, articles, and videos--and offering you their first-hand reviews of this unique multimedia experience.

In alphabetical order:

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
Traci Bautista
Jane Davenport
Dea Fisher
Jacqueline Newbold
Jennifer Osborn
Joanne Sharpe
Melanie Testa
Diana Trout

Early reviews for Art Journaling Exposed have been phenomenal, and one reader wrote to us saying, “This was amazing!!!!! I have NEVER enjoyed a magazine like I enjoyed this one. Just do more! Don't stop with this one! PLEASE!!!!!”

We hope you enjoy learning more about the eMag straight from the mouths of some of the most influential instructors and designers in the art journaling world. We can’t wait to hear what YOU think!

To purchase the eMag for your desktop computer, visit PC download or MAC download.

And here is the link to purchase the eMag for the iPad on the iTunes Store:,