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Out of the Glass Biz

For some time a few years back, I tried my hand at soldering glass charms. I took some workshops with Sally Jean and was hooked. But I’ve always had a slight problem with the shakes. And a couple years ago, I was diagnosed with essential tremor in my left arm. It’s not a serious health problem, just inconvenient. It runs in my family. No matter how hard I’ve tried, I just can’t solder with a bad tremor. SO, I’ve finally decided to sell my soldering supplies. I’ve got a boatload of stuff:

Here are pics:

$125 (or best offer) plus shipping will give you the lot: Includes a 100-watt soldering iron (with heat control stand) with three extra tips of varying sizes, a smaller soldering iron, about 25 panes of beveled house-shaped glass (4 X 6"?), 2.5 boxes of 72-count microscope slides, a slide-cutting jig, a glass cutter and breaker, flux and patina cleaner, a sheet of 20-gauge copper and a sheet of silver, a third arm, a couple rolls of solder, 4 rolls of various sizes copper tape, Blue Magic metal polish, about 20 beveled 1" glass squares, about 25 pieces of beveled diamond-shaped (3") glass, and a soldering iron cleaning block.

There are no refunds and I will estimate shipping costs at time of purchase. I don’t want to break up the lot, so I’m going to try to sell the lot all together. Only domestic U.S., please. Email me if interested!

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