Dawn DeVries Sokol


This Week’s 10 Minutes

A couple weeks ago I traveled to Port Townsend, WA, for the last Artfest. I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks. I’ve moved as well so I’m still trying to set up my studio. But I had to present a 10-Minute Journaling this week as something I read on the plane made me think.

Southwest Airline’s Spirit Magazine contained an interesting article on the importance of play in our lives. Adults rarely “play” because everything’s about work and making a living. Yet we need to play in order to maintain our sanity and play is beneficial to leading healthier lives. The article, “It’s Called Play,” written by editorial director Jay Heinrichs with reporting by Callie Jones, states “a study by UCLA professor Toni Yancey found that 10-minute bursts of physical activity boosted workers’ performance, ‘psychosocial factors,’ and health.” Hmmm... 10 MINUTES. And this got me to thinking that creativity can also be beneficial to adult life. So I propose this:

This week, pick five different colors of paints you LOVE and PLAY with them in your journal for 10 minutes, whether you paint one page or several. Just paint with abandon, no thinking, no analyzing, no self-criticizing. Turn up your favorite music, the kind that makes you dance, and groove with your paint brushes or paint with your fingers. Take yourself back to when you created as a kid. You weren’t worried about what others thought of the outcome. Do the same this week in your journal. Make it snappy! And make it PLAYFUL!

BTW: I AM still working on two new online workshops. They will be starting in June or July, so be ready!