Dawn DeVries Sokol


A Journal Quickie

Time for this week’s 10-Minute Journaling:

If you’ve been coming here this week only to discover no new blog posts until today it’s because I’ve been moving into my new house. Yes, we’re pretty much in and have been living here for two weeks, but I JUST got the kitchen in order a couple of days ago (thanks to my mom), and we’re still having to listen to a jackhammer in the backyard and walking around with boxes here and there. My studio is still not completely intact, even though I’ve been organizing it bit by bit every day. And so my work has suffered because I can’t work amid all this craziness.

You probably wonder, what does this have to do with 10-Minute Journaling? EVERYTHING! This week, I want you to think of ONE word that describes your current state of mind. Now, either letter it in your journal or collage it down with various letters from magazines, OR rubber stamp it onto your page. Stencils will work, too! Any way you feel comfortable tagging your page with this one word will work. Make sure to add the date!

Of course, my word is “scattered”:

And please do me a favor: I’m opening comments on all 10-Minute Journaling posts because I’d love to hear how these prompts have worked for you. So PLEASE, just leave a little comment to let me know what you think. Maybe you have some questions, maybe you want to add a little something to the post, whatever. Would LOVE to hear from you! THANKS!