Dawn DeVries Sokol


Before and After

There’s a spread in my ledger journal that I didn’t like for quite a while. I had painted it and added some collage bits and a few doodles here and there. But it didn’t quite gel:

While I was at Play in January, I painted like crazy. And when I saw this spread in my ledger journal, which I had brought with me, I KNEW I had to paint over it. So I did:

And I like it SO much better. There’s a paragraph of writing that I didn't paint over, along with collage and a stenciled pictograph. I honestly think the yellow was the problem. I like the addition of the hot pink stripes here and there. I may add one or two more. But it’s good to doodle and write over.

So if you don’t like the way a page or spread is going in your journal, never fear. Just start over. That’s the beauty of art journaling. You don’t have to settle for something you don’t like. Slap some new paint down on it and you’ll see it anew.