Dawn DeVries Sokol


A Closer Look

Today I want to talk more about a workshop I’m offering at Create in Irvine, CA, Thursday, May 31. Doodle Camp is a workshop I offered on this blog last summer as a way to get a community of doodlers together to have fun in a campy sort of way. We had a BLAST! The workshop was well attended and well received.

So I figured that Doodle Camp would be a great class for Create in CA. I could do things I couldn’t do in the online version: gather everyone around a campfire, make s’mores, and generally make it a retreat within a retreat. I’m so excited about this Doodle Camp because it will be SO MUCH MORE! We’re going to make a tapebound journal and fill it with various doodles from exercises and prompts. We’ll learn some new techniques to give our pages depth. And along the way, we’ll fire up our doodling mojo! Will you join me? I promise a GREAT time...and I’ve got 3 other workshops I’m offering at Create: The Down-and-Dirty Paintless Journal, Doodle Soup: Jambalaya, and Tie-Dyed Doodling. Don’t miss out!!!