Dawn DeVries Sokol


Studio Detox

I’ve been moving in to my new studio, which has been quite a major feat. I was just starting to settle in, when today my contractor, Fernando, asked how the new studio was working for me. Somehow we started talking about how it’s not much bigger than my old one, and how when we first bought the house I seriously thought about tearing down a wall between two rooms to make it bigger. But I knew my hubby wanted his own little office, so I nixed the idea. Of course, Fernando suggested I reconsider the idea, since his team is still working on the house, but I really don’t want to fool with it.

After that, I started thinking about how I could make the studio better, less CLUTTERED, with a little more breathing room. Yeah, I need to dump it all.

Now I’m not talking about ridding myself of my paints, my journaling supplies, or that stuff. I’m talking about the stuff I haven’t touched in over a year. The glass, the funky little pieces I thought I’d use in mixed media, the beads, the baubles, etc. All those old jeans I’ve stashed because I wanted to crochet a rug out of them. I’ve even considered (gasp) whittling down my ribbon collection. I’ve started realizing that I really don’t need all this stuff to do my job. I need my computer, my printer, scanner, that kind of stuff. I need some books, but not ALL of them. I could probably get rid of some of the blank journals I’ve been hanging on to as well. These materials don’t make me a better artist if I don’t eventually use them somehow.

I’m not quite sure how to rid myself of it once I throw it in boxes and shove it out the door. Garage sale? Ebay? Thing is, to go to Goodwill with this kind of stuff is silly because it’s materials that artists would more likely use than anyone else. I guess I shouldn’t worry about that at this point as I’m not even at that stage yet.

I’ve been on a good roll today. Even purging the glass door cabinet that my mom gave me. I’ll probably put that in another room. I thought I was done with this whole process, but I’m not.

I just need some room to breathe. Any recommendations, advice or tips would be GREATLY appreciated.