Dawn DeVries Sokol


10 Minutes...

...is ALL it takes to accomplish some art journaling!

For this week’s 10-Minute Journaling, we’re going to examine some unused tool in your arsenal. We all have them: the pens or brushes or something that allows a different way of doing something in our art journals. But we’re almost afraid to try them. What if we don’t like the results?? What then? Did we waste money and/or time on gathering these tools? Well, how are you going to find out if they work for you if you don’t try? AND, sometimes different tools take a little more time to master, so when we first work with them it can be awkward and the results unsatisfying.

Today, we’re going to get past this little “fear”.

Go to your pen drawer, or look through your mediums, or pull out those rubber-stamp making tools you’ve been promising yourself you’d eventually use. Those cool collage pieces you’ve been hoarding for fear you wouldn’t be able to make them sing on your pages? Get ’em and slap ’em down without a second thought. Use these tools you’ve been avoiding in your journal somehow today. If it’s the stamp-making tools, make a stamp and then stamp it onto your journal page, no matter if you like the results or not. It’s time to conquer some tool or technique you’ve been sidestepping. And all it takes is 10 Minutes!

For my page, above, I stamped some of my handmade rubber stamps that I recently made (after thinking about making them FOREVER).

Let me know in the comments section what tool or item you’ve been avoiding trying. Your comment will enter you in a giveaway of a signed copy of my book, Doodle Sketchbook: Art Journaling for Boys (which ISN’T just for boys!) Deadline for giveaway eligibility is Tuesday, May 1!