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Back in Phoenix, back home. I loved my time at Artfest, as always. I stayed off-campus this year, which was difficult because I just didn’t feel like I could socialize as much as if I had stayed at Fort Worden. I saw so many peeps that I had befriended over the years and met so many new ones as well.

The above image was taken at my beloved Fort Worden beach. I had just left my last class when I started bawling. It hit me that this may be the last time I’m ever at Fort Worden. So much self-discovery happened for me at this place over the last 9 years. I ventured down to the beach to say good-bye. As soon as I got out of my car, a park ranger drove up and asked where my parking pass was. The park has recently implemented a Discovery Pass program for $10. The pass must be displayed on your car, BUT since we were there for Artfest and there were so many of us, we were pretty much exempt from that rule. The park ranger even asked if I was with Artfest. I told him yes and he obviously wanted to lecture me about having a permit. I was there for TWO, count them, TWO minutes! UGH! I know, let it go, but it marred my last memory of the place, so I can’t forget it.

I need to get assimilated and work on some stuff today. I’ll be moving this week, but I am hoping to have more blog posts about my time away!

Love to all my fellow Artfesters! I miss you already...

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