Dawn DeVries Sokol


This Week’s Prompt

This week’s 10-Minute Journaling is inspired by a word that is a major part of my life right now: moving.

What does the word moving mean to you? Does it mean moving a pen or pencil across your page in a certain way? Maybe you’re wanting to move to another place far from your own...where would that be? Does moving evoke an image of you getting more exercise? What would that form of exercise involve?

However the word moving works into your journaling today, that’s what we’re focusing on.

For me, that means packing up boxes, getting the big stuff in a truck. Leaving a house we’ve lived in for 15 years but dramatically improving our space with the next house.

I hope your moving experience is better than mine today! I really hate the moving I have to do right now. But I know it’s better on the other side!

I’m opening comments so you can share what moving means to you and how you translated that meaning your journal. Please share your thoughts! I may not be as active here for the next couple of days but I REALLY appreciate your participation!