Dawn DeVries Sokol



Have you ever worked, like CRAMMED, for such a long stretch and then you make your deadline and then you can’t unwind? I feel like my brain is now on overdrive. Of course, I’m physically and mentally exhausted BUT I just can’t wind down. I keep wanting to do all this stuff but my body and mind just aren’t capable right now. It’s crazy.

And I can’t believe how tired I am from this last deadline! I was talking with my mom about it today on the way to the restaurant for our Mother’s Day dinner. She told me in her motherly wisdom that it’s a symptom of getting older. You just can’t burn the midnight oil anymore. You can’t go 10 rounds anymore. When your body says stop, you stop. But of course, when you’re on a deadline, you can’t stop until it’s done. That’s why it’s called a deadline.

Friday night Hubby and I went to get dinner and all I could do was stare. I stared at everything I looked at. Because I was SO out of it!

Yesterday I worked on something for a client and then tried to art journal last night and just didn’t have the heart. I collaged a couple things and that was that.

This week I’m back at it. Back to the grind, back to the salt mines, back to another deadline. This time, it’s two weeks and I have to have the rest of my next book done. I feel like it’s all good, though, because I have a look established, I’ve designed the front matter (which I usually leave until the end) and I feel good about it. But I do have to worry about the cover, which is usually the first thing I design for clients, but I tend to have more difficulty with it when it’s my book. Yes, the self-loathing thing again. And I need to get ready for my classes at Create. And I have another book I’m contributing to. And....

Here’s hoping you have a great week. I will be popping in from time to time!