Dawn DeVries Sokol


Card Coolness

Last year I was contacted by Papyrus to design a Father’s Day card for this year’s line. It was so exciting! Of course, when we work on projects that far in advance, we tend to forget we did them. Yet, in the last week or two, I realized that Father’s Day was approaching and figured I should check online to see if it’s available yet. I wasn’t even totally sure they had printed it! I was commissioned to illustrate the front, the inside, and the envelope liner. Plus, it included two colors of foil embossing. Once we had an illustration established from the text they provided, it went pretty quickly. I made color choices and finished everything up, sent off the digital files and that was that!

Today, I found it online! And I’m thrilled with how it turned out:

The foil embossing turned out even better than I had hoped...And I love the colors! I know if my dad were still with us, I’d be giving it to him for Father’s Day.