Dawn DeVries Sokol


Another 10 Minutes...

For this week’s 10-Minute Journaling we’re gonna stick it.

WHAT do I mean by that? All you’re going to do this week is pull a sticker off something: produce packaging such as fruit stickers, a piece of label off your makeup...Here are some examples of what I mean:

The "Packed Fresh" at the top is a transparent sticker from a container of strawberries. The black oval is from a Starbucks sandwich.

Below, the yellow triangle is from a box of Keen shoes.

And on the cover of my Paintless Journal is a no smoking sticker I got off the dashboard of my last rental car. And another "Packed Fresh" sticker...

So just open your mind to what you’re using and see what you can stick down in your journal today.

All it takes is 10 Minutes!