Dawn DeVries Sokol


Yeah, yeah: 10 Minutes!

Once a week I try to give you a journaling prompt that should take you 10 minutes. Of course, sometimes it will take you longer and that’s OK. I think if we go in thinking it shouldn’t take too long we’re more apt to just do it. So this prompt is fitting...

This week I went through my ledger journal looking for something to inspire a prompt I could post to inspire you. My ledger journal has no shortage of finished pages, but isn’t quite “finished” in the grand scheme of things. There are still many pages that need work. Most of the pages in this journal are a spread, meaning I worked across two facing pages, but there are some that are worked as singles. I stopped at a page that I could finish up right now, but the page across from it caught my eye:

This page was a day I will always remember, and documenting the states and who they went to—seeing that again—brought that night all back in a rush. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. What I want to point out about this page is that I used lines to write within, an element that I haven’t used for a while. And that brings us to today’s prompt:

Look back through your journal or journals and find an element or technique on a page that you haven’t used for a while. For me, it’s drawing wavy lines to write within. And I also stretched my letters to fill the spaces. I don’t remember when the last time was that I used this technique. So I’m going to use it today. And I hope you find something on a page in your journal that you haven’t done for a while. Now, start looking!