Dawn DeVries Sokol


10 Minutes is All You Need!

I don’t know about you, but it seems like I have periods of time when I feel like I just don’t have time to journal. It’s difficult to sit down with my pens or my paints or my collage and my journal and just play all day. I don’t have that luxury, regardless of how it seems. Sometimes I go for weeks on deadline for a book project of my own or a book design project for a client and need to buckle down at the computer. And working on my own books, I do get to paint and doodle, but it’s still not quite like creating for yourself. I can’t only do whatever I like; I worry about the outcome, my editors, my publisher, and my audience. Many people will say to me, “It’s so cool...you get to create for your job!” Yes, it IS cool. I’m NOT complaining here at all. I feel very fortunate. BUT in the end, it’s still a job and not just about me.

With your journal, it IS just about you. You don’t have to think about other eyes, minds, and opinions. It’s just YOU and YOUR JOURNAL. That’s the real beauty of art journaling. In the end, art journals aren’t for display, they’re really for the art journaler—their thoughts, their ideas, their lives, their creativity. So when you want to sit down and do something just for yourself, you turn to your journal.

But how can we do that when our lives are so busy, so crazy, full of deadlines and others counting on us? My answer:

10 minutes is all it takes to do one thing in your journal: write, doodle, collage, paint. That’s why I developed this series, to get you in your journal NO MATTER what’s going on in your life. Because BELIEVE ME, I KNOW!

Today’s prompt is an easy one—of course—and isn’t that what we all need in life?

Just finish these three phrases:

Enjoy your day!