Dawn DeVries Sokol


10 Minutes is ALL it Takes

So I started writing an overview of what I’ve been up to these last two weeks. But since I hadn’t re-logged in to my blog for a while, it didn’t save what I had done and kicked me off. It’s a sign. A sign that why would you all want to read the details of my last week when you could be doing a 10-Minute Journaling session?!? So let’s get ready for a quickie (and this is SERIOUSLY a quickie):

Turn on one of your favorite tunes of late. Doesn’t matter what it is, as long as YOU like it. Take a black Sharpie or a broader tip marker and VERY quickly write a line from that song in your journal. Don’t worry about how it looks. If you write the words to fall somewhat on top of each other, that’s cool! This is street-inspired kind of journaling. Make sure you date it, too.

Here’s my entry:

I journaled this in my recent Upcycled Urban Journal, of which you can learn how to make in the current issue of Cloth Paper Scissor’s Pages Magazine...check it out! It’s available digitally and on newsstands.

Just FYI: I am going to turn the classes I taught at Create into online classes, so in case you couldn’t get to California to join me, you can do so right here! Details soon!