Dawn DeVries Sokol



I’ve been writing my next e-workshop, “Journal by Design”. I’m excited about this one. I think I’m going to put together a little zine to accompany it, sort of like an addendum. You will be able to order the zine separately, so it can be in conjunction with the workshop or a little book on its own.

Right now, my head is exploding with ideas. I had an awesome chat with my book editor this morning and it definitely set a bunch of ideas in motion. It was a GREAT way to start my day!

I’ve decided to not hold a Doodle Camp this summer. I know, I know. But I want to concentrate on NEW material, new ideas, new stuff FOR YOU. And I’m not saying there will never be another Doodle Camp, but just not this summer.

I’m also working on a new BIG journal inspired by my gal pal, Mindy Lacefield. Mindy was working in an 11 x 10 inch journal while we were at Play in January. I liked the size and decided to bind a journal like it that would be FULL of my fave paper, Fabriano Artistico Hot Press. Some of the backgrounds I’ve painted in it so far will be in my next book, Art Doodle Love, publishing Spring 2013. Others have been designated for immediate doodling, collage, and journaling.