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A Treasure Hunt

Seth Apter of The Altered Page asked for participants of a treasure hunt. The treasure hunt involves bloggers re-posting one of their favorite posts from the past. So here’s my encore post:


From April 13, 2010

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I was wandering through Flickr, looking at others’ art journal pages. I LOVE to see what others are doing.

I came across one Flickr member who commented in her description of an art journal page that she’s just starting out and she’s never really collaged and art journaled, so she doesn’t know if she’s doing it right.

*Insert sigh here*

PLEASE, hear me: There is no right or wrong way. There are NO rules. Saying you don’t know if you’re “doing it right” is an excuse. It stops you. It’s a cop-out. Yes, I said it. Don’t be AFRAID of playing. Don’t be AFRAID of art journaling, of collaging, of doodling, of painting, of drawing, of having fun in your art journal. If you approach it with “I don’t know if I’m doing it right” or “My pages need to look like hers” or “My pages don’t look the way I want them to”, you’re NEVER going to get anywhere! If you HAVE to copy someone else’s style for a while, FINE. But get YOURSELF on your pages as soon as you can. Make your pages YOURS. As I’ve said before, if your art journal is you, then it is GORGEOUS.

EVERYONE is different. It’s what makes us all special. Of course, your pages SHOULD look different. WHY would you want to make art like everyone else? Rejoice in your uniqueness. Rejoice in being you.

My recipe to begin art journaling:

Take some classes, online or in person.

Read as much as you can on others’ techniques.

Use what you learn on your pages. Mix various techniques you’ve learned to make your own pages.

Look at others’ pages and ask yourself WHAT it is you like about their pages. And don’t say “Everything”. Is it their color choices, the way they use certain images, their doodling, etc.? Pinpoint SPECIFIC things, not overall. Try those things out on your pages.


Spill yourself on your pages.

And give yourself time to bloom. It will happen. Patience, grasshopper. :)