Dawn DeVries Sokol


Random Rambling

I’ve been up to several things lately which has caused my blogging to sputter. Of course, this can happen and that’s OK. I’ve come to some realizations:

1. I’m not one who can blog every day. It just doesn’t work for me. Sometimes I draw a blank when I try to blog. Planning out posts is better and best thing to do is schedule a bunch of stuff when inspiration strikes. I seem to get a bunch of posts done at once and then schedule them ahead. And I need to make notes of post ideas when they strike so when I do sit down to post, I have something to use!

2. I also need to get back to the doodle so I have more to post here. This is what I played with yesterday:

Not sure if I’m done or not. I’ll let it sit but there are some bits I’d like to pull from and make designs out of.

3. Authoring, illustrating, and designing a book is the most work I do at once. It overwhelms me. Add another project or two on top of that, and I can literally go crazy. My next book, Art Doodle Love, is starting to wind down now. I’m working on the back cover and am very close to final (I think) on the front cover. I’m SO happy with how this book has turned out. My editors at Abrams are so flexible and so willing to trust me. It IS the book I’ve been wanting to publish. I was proud of Doodle Diary and Doodle Sketchbook, and 1000 Artist Journal Pages, for that matter, but THIS book, this book is all I had hoped it would be. Ideas were tossed around, suggestions were made from both me and my editors, and in the end, they have been SO supportive and approving of what I wanted to do. I LOVE working with them and can’t wait to get started on my next book, The Doodle Circle, which will be published Fall 2013 (tentative).

4. With working on my own book, my future workshop planning has suffered a little. But that’s going to change! The other project I’ve been working on (a book design project) is in the second design phase, so the bulk of the work is done and I can concentrate on my workshops again. I have been writing Journal by Design and will be announcing dates for that one SOON! I have seven other online workshops planned after that! It’s gonna be a GOOD autumn!

5. And last but not least: 10-Minute Journaling seems to be something you enjoy, so it will continue. But I can’t guarantee it every Friday. It will hit the blog when it can. It’s usually an idea that will strike while I’m journaling. (I see a running theme here: the JOURNAL is key to my blogging!)

That’s my random rambling for today. Stay cool!