Dawn DeVries Sokol


A Workshop Announcement

A while ago I said I wasn’t going to hold Doodle Camp this year, that I wanted to concentrate on new workshops. But, thing is, many of you have asked about it. Why can’t I offer it again this year? Well, here’s the thing:

I’ve got another book contracted with Abrams, which I will need to start working on soon. And projects crop up and make it difficult to concentrate on my workshops.

But I LOVE teaching. I LOVE offering workshops to you here. Most of the new ones I have planned will be more self-paced. Doodle Camp is more of a live retreat. I think it should be to be more fun and effective. The social aspect of it is important.

Last year’s Doodle Camp was three weeks. Three weeks! It was difficult for everyone to participate that long. Of course, I kept the blog up and then offered a PDF once I took the blog down. I taught Doodle Camp at this year’s California Create Retreat and we had so much fun that it’s had me thinking: I can’t quit Doodle Camp. I just can’t. But I can’t offer it as it was. So:


YES! One week, where every day you will be offered prompts, techniques, and we will make a journal the first day! YES! It’s gonna be fun! The blog will be accessible until I can format a PDF for the students. That may be two months, three months, or six months, but you will always have the info, even if the blog is taken down. So if you absolutely wanna be in Doodle Camp 2012, you can enjoy it at your own pace later.

What else will there be?

• A discussion group right here for all Doodle Camp-ers.

• A new journal to make this year. Last year we made a Tapebound Journal. This year will be different. The Tapebound Journal is still offered as a mini-class here.

• A Flickr group for you to upload your doodling results.

• The rock-bottom fee of $25 gets you into Doodle Camp 2012. Tents, sleeping bags, and other camp equipment are not necessary!

• I’ll get a supply list together in the next week. It should be mostly materials you already have on hand.

Who’s in for Doodle Camp 2012????? Registration starts here Monday, July 23 and will be open up until end of day Aug. 19. Sorry, no registrations will be accepted after the first day.