Dawn DeVries Sokol


Love and Thanks

So today I had to finally get down to finishing up Art Doodle Love with the Love and Thanks page. I really sputtered on this. I think because it’s a page I didn’t have any restrictions on, so that blocked me. And I wanted to really put some thought into who helped me along this wonderful journey.

Here’s a peek:

I know, really cryptic, huh? Can’t show it just yet!

But it did lead me to this week’s 10-Minute Journaling!

In your journal, find a spot (doesn’t have to be big) to doodle and write a list of those you wish to give love and thanks to. Who are you grateful for in your life? Who helped you become a better person or who aided in an important way? Try to do this without TOO MUCH thought. Don’t let it weigh you down, just let it flow.

And love and thanks to YOU, my blog readers!