Dawn DeVries Sokol


A Bit Stuck

Ever get to a point where you feel a little stuck? I’m feeling that way lately. I think it’s because I am working on some things (not ALL) that are dragging me down a bit. There are some projects that I would prefer to focus on, but certain projects get in the way. I’m a bit behind on these projects and I’m not able to focus on just one or two. So they all suffer. One of them is my taxes. We filed an extension this year which I HATE doing, but it was necessary. I’m trying to get all the junk together for it. NOT fun.

Also, Lucy was diagnosed with vestibular disease late last week. It’s essentially doggy vertigo. And that’s become a priority for me right now. We don’t have kids which makes her my “kid”. She’s doing much better, still a little wobbly, but we’ve seen so much improvement in the last few days.

With all of this, my art journal has been a little lonely. I jumped into The Paintless Journal last night to do some doodling and journaling. Here are the results:

Getting back to it was good medicine. But I need to continue. These pages feel a bit lack-luster.

Art journaling not only helps me through creative ruts, it saves me.