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I Need a Surfing Break

It has occurred to me in the last couple of days, quite sadly unfortunately, that I need an internet break. NOT a blog break. That’s not even in the equation. But a break from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I’ve realized that I’m not art journaling as much as I used to, and one of the reasons is because I spend too much time checking FB, Twitter, and Pinterest, and reading other blogs. It’s become a bad habit, and one that is literally sucking creative spark out of me. Sometimes Pinterest will inspire, but lately not so much. And blog reading is really making me feel not even close to creatively worthy. I feel as if I’m not creative enough...what is wrong with me that I can’t blog every day? Why can’t my pages look like hers? And on, and on, and on.

I also feel as if I’m at a fork in the proverbial creative road. I’m wanting to set up more online classes for you, my loyal blog readers, and I also want to move in a new direction with art. I don’t know what that is, but lately, I’ve felt a bit stagnant. Don’t get me wrong, I love art journaling and doodling, but sometimes it feels forced. Also, I begin the comparison game. I HATE admitting this to myself, much less to you, but it’s high time I get off the merry-go-round and try the roller coaster.

So, for the next couple of weeks, I’m going to lay off FB, Twitter, Pinterest and especially, reading other blogs. I will still be here, on this blog, but not so much on the rest of the internet. I need to get past this cloud hanging over me...And you may be saying, “So what? Why should I as a reader care if you disappear from the internet for two weeks when you’ll still be on your own blog?” I just need to let you know as a way to keep myself honest. If you need me, email me.

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