Dawn DeVries Sokol



Recently finished pageThanks for all the sign-ups! I didn’t know there were that many of you who wanted to get email notifications when I update here. I’m overwhelmed!!

I’m hard at work on the next online workshop. Will be announcing details REAL soon. I’m hoping to have a couple new ones up here in the next month or so. We had such a great time with Doodle Camp 2012. Doodle Camp 2013 is a definite thing, so if you didn’t get into Doodle Camp 2012, no worries! Doodle Camp will now be a live, one-week online workshop with indefinite access after that. The only caveat is that registration ends the first day of camp. I want to make Doodle Camp a more unique event from year-to-year, and I think this set-up works well for that!

I’m also writing my manuscript for The Doodle Circle, my next book to be published next fall. I’m so excited about this one!

Have a great day, everyone!