Dawn DeVries Sokol


Epiphany Time

I’ve been rushing the last few weeks, rushing to get my next book The Doodle Circle designed, then rushing to get revisions made before the New Year (and our trip to the Rose Bowl), and all the while thinking of all these other things (new workshop ideas, etc.) I should be doing. It was like a big swirl of craziness around my head. It’s possible it’s one of the sources for the excessive heartburn I’ve been enduring the last few days.

While talking with my mom just a little while ago, I realized that I don’t need to rush to get all of those things swirling around my head finished any time soon. I need to stop trying to introduce online workshops that I don’t have ready. I’ve had many new ideas lately, and while that’s good, it can also be detrimental. I begin to feel as if I need to start putting all of these new ideas in motion RIGHT AWAY. Then they swirl around my head (with the ideas that are already swirling) until I get dizzy and overloaded. Enough already.

So, since The Doodle Circle is getting close to wrapping up (still need to do the cover and final edits), I am going to chillax for a few days, at least. I need to concentrate on cleaning out my studio and getting my crap in order. Or my ducks in a row. Or whatever.

And yes, my word for this year is “forward”. But that doesn’t mean I can’t just float in the same spot for a little while, at least until I’ve come down from the tornado swirling around my head.