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Are you ALREADY thinking of the holidays? That’s OK, because I am, too!

I am holding a fifth year of my wildly popular holiday art journaling e-course, 12.31!

This year, the course is being split into two options: The full course, which starts Nov. 18 and covers building an art journal over the last two weeks of November, and then brings you a holiday doodling prompt every day of December! The full course will be held on a blog with a private Facebook group included. For just $55, it’s a real deal! You’ll build up your own journal out of a hardcover book, using an EASY-PEASY binding technique. We’ll discuss gathering our materials, color palettes, using tissue paper with your doodles, using tape, loose doodling, doodling with paint, and more! Every weekday will have a video showing you ways to build up that journal. Then, starting Dec. 1, you’ll get a daily prompt for your holiday art journal, all focusing on doodling! There will be little videos showing me working in my own holiday journal, using the prompts. So fun!

But you say, “Dawn, I want to use a journal I already have. What can you do for me?” Well, funny you should ask! A couple years ago I experimented with doing a “mini” portion of the workshop. It was just the prompts throughout December and many students really liked that option. So I’m offering that again, too! For just $20, you can get all the prompts delivered to your inbox. That’s a daily bit of doodling inspiration for your holiday art journal, for just $20 for 31 days!

Ready to register? Awesome! (When registering, please make sure to include an email address you want to use for the class, if it's other than the one associated with your Paypal account. Thanks!)

Materials list for full portion (as of 11.12.2013):

  • A hardcover book (I usually get mine approx. 6 x 8 in. from the dollar store).
  • Gesso
  • Waxed linen thread, bookbinder's needle, awl, bone folder (you can also use the back of a spoon)
  • Duct tape (many colors and patterns available now—I’m using a silver duct tape. It’s shiny but dulls over time.)
  • Various papers (I use scraps of paper bags, magazine pages, watercolor paper, Christmas cards I've saved)
  • Pens, pencils
  • Markers such as Sharpies, Liquitex or Montana paint markers (whatever you have)
  • Stapler (I’m using some colored staples. You can find these in office supply stores.)
  • Cheap craft acrylic paints (I’m also using some acrylic paint daubers)
  • Barrier Cream (I only list this if you are concerned about finger painting. But I only finger paint with non-toxic paints such as the craft acrylic paints.)
  • Paint brushes you like to use
  • Stickles
  • Liquitex or Bombay Ink (black or color appropriate for holidays) and an eyedropper or pipette (Longer than the eyedropper)
  • A sharp object to scratch into paint with (I use nails or whatever I can find in my studio)
  • Small vellum envelope to fit in your journal (we will use this in December so don’t worry if you don’t have it at the start of class.)
  • Pretty tapes (I also use a black masking tape)
  • Matte medium, Gel medium, and gluestick or Tombow Mono Adhesive
  • Rubber stamps (if you have)
  • Tissue paper

OPTIONAL: Assorted beads and holiday charms to hang on your spine thread, Foil tape, old photos, stickers, bits and pieces from holiday packaging, ribbons, Portfolios or Caran d'Ache NeoColor II’s, sequins, sticky-back rhinestones, old gift tags, candy foil wrappers, colored paper clips (there are some cool shaped ones available at jetpens.com and some craft stores), holiday confetti, bits and baubles, bleeding tissue paper, and anything that you may want to add in your journal.

(If you’re a 12.31 2012 Alum, make sure to check your inbox for your discount offer.)


Registration now closed for the full option.




Registration now closed!