Dawn DeVries Sokol



I’ve been debating—REALLY debating— over whether to hold my holiday journaling/doodling e-course this year. Don’t get me wrong...I LOVE doing it. I just wasn’t sure if I had anything NEW for it in me.

I’ve tried different formats over the years. My first one was art journaling focused. Another one focused more on doodling. Some have had two parts with a “buy-one-part” or “all” option.

The reason for all of this changing it up is to keep it fresh and new for those who join me every year. Not an easy feat. I hear many say they “can’t keep up with the pace” of the workshop, since it’s become several prompts a day for 33 days. That’s not the intention, though. The workshop is meant for you to pick and choose what you do, to create your journal BEFORE December starts and then to have a plethora of prompts every day of that month to inspire you.

This year, I’m going back to the partial or full option. We’ll have a two-week session on a private blog starting mid-November where students will follow along with me in building a holiday art journal. There will be a video every weekday for two weeks. At the end of that session, students will begin to receive a daily PDF (through December) with a doodling prompt to get them journaling in those journals.

Now, if you don’t want to be part of the journal building but really want the inspiration of doodling every day in December, you can opt to buy the daily PDFs. There will be a Facebook group for those who buy the FULL workshop (both the two-week session and PDF prompts together).

To make things a little more complicated, those who took the workshop last year will receive an alumni discount on both options of the workshop. I will have sample pics and registration info up in a few days! Stay tuned!