Dawn DeVries Sokol


12.31 Mini Class

Hey, all! I know I’ve been pushing my holiday art journaling e-course a lot on the blog lately, but I honestly don’t want you to miss out. The full portion of the class is closed but I’m still taking registrations for the mini portion.

You will get a holiday doodling prompt every day in December delivered right to your inbox. And yes, most will have VIDEO! :)

Since it’s my birthday today, I will be giving away a free registration to one lucky student who signs up! Here’s the deal: You have to register for the mini portion to enter. That’s it! I will announce the winner at the beginning of class next Sunday, Dec. 1, and your registration will be refunded! If you’ve already registered for the mini portion, you will be eligible, too. But you have to register for the mini class to enter.

Think of it as a way to add to your holiday season, a way to document, a way to perhaps regain the holiday spirit you’ve lost? Now that I’ve art journaled my holidays for the past seven years, I can’t NOT journal my holidays.

So join me and many others for some doodling and creativity, even if it’s just to de-compress once a day.

Registration for the mini portion is closed!

Materials List for Mini Portion:

  • Favorite craft acrylic paints
  • Collage bits
  • Fave pens and pencils
  • Ink such as Liquitex or Bombay
  • Stickles or glitter and glue
  • Foil tape or foil candy wrappers
  • envelope
  • Pretty tapes
  • Used paper towel roll (just the cardboard tube)
  • Black gesso or paint
  • White Sharpie Poster Paint marker or White China marker
  • A Journal