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Blog Hop Kickoff

So, here we are! We are off to the races with the Art Doodle Love Blog Hop!

I’m so blessed to include such amazing artists in this hop. I’m also blessed to call them all friends.

In the next two weeks (yes, TWO!), I will be showing on my blog some of the ins and outs of Art Doodle Love’s cover progress, some of the interior spreads from the book, and maybe even some hints of what’s to come in my NEXT book (The Doodle Circle). There will also be a HUGE giveaway starting Feb. 8, with a winner drawn Feb. 14. While all of this is going on here, there will be some fab artists around the Internet showing what they’ve done in their copies of Art Doodle Love, and also reviewing the book. Again, here is the schedule (make sure to visit their blogs on their scheduled days and let them know you’ve been there):

Feb. 2: Pam Carriker, http://www.pamcarriker.com/blog/
Feb. 3: Samantha Kira Harding, http://www.journalgirl.com
Feb. 4: Aimee Dolich, http://artsyville.blogspot.com
Feb. 5: Jane Davenport, http://www.janedavenport.com
Feb. 6: Carla Sonheim, www.carlasonheim.wordpress.com
Feb. 7: Tracie Lyn Huskamp, http://www.thereddoor-studio.blogspot.com
Feb. 8: Tammy Garcia, http://www.daisyyellowart.com
Feb. 9: Carissa Paige, http://www.carissapaige.blogspot.com
Feb. 10: Mindy Lacefield, http://www.timssally.com
Feb. 11: Dina Wakley, http://dinastamps.typepad.com/
Feb. 12: Tamara LaPorte, http://www.willowing.org/blog/
Feb. 13: Jill K. Berry, http://jillberrydesign.com/blog/

Today, we’re going to start with a return to one of my favorite features here on dawndsokol.com, 10-Minute Journaling!

If you’re not familiar with 10-Minute Journaling, just think of it as a quick-start to getting you into your art journal. For today’s 10-Minute Journaling, we’ll take a page right from Art Doodle Love! (For past 10-Minute Journaling prompts, just click on the category 10-Minute Journaling at the bottom of this post!)

You can download a PDF of it here.

And make sure to return tomorrow for more about Art Doodle Love and visit Pam Carriker’s blog for a review and look at what she’s done in her copy!