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Art, Doodles, and LOVE to You

Hello! Yesterday was the final day of the blog hop. I didn’t get this post up because I started getting an icky headache in the afternoon. I’m sad to see the blog hop end...

So today we’ve got the final bits of the cover design process. Last time, I showed you where we had whittled down some options and focused on little details, creating several covers to show the Abrams team.

My editor sent me this email after the cover selection:

“I'm happy to let you know that they picked the cover we all liked best! (see attached)

They had a few small comments that they'd like us to incorporate. The first is that they thought the subtitle could be boosted a bit. Maybe it needs to be a little bigger? Or even on a paper tape background? Just something so you can read it a little more clearly. I also think that it will help to see the hi-res files (they were looking at print-outs of the versions you emailed me).

They also requested that we move the fortune cookie paper from its current location. I'm sad about this, but I understand their point—it looks like it's a burst, telling you something about the book, but then it turns out to be a fortune. They just found it a little confusing in its present location. They love the fortune, though, and would like us to use it on the back cover instead.”

So with that email, we were down to some very minute details.

I sent back a few options (click on image to make it larger):

And as you can see, the second cover made it!