Dawn DeVries Sokol



It’s been a jumble of things going on lately. I just finished up the Art Doodle Love Blog Hop, I’ve been wrapping up my next book, The Doodle Circle: A Creative Fill-In Journal for BFFs, and I’m trying to get a grip on what’s next. Many teaching gigs to prepare for, little collaborative projects, and such are on the line-up. But I’m at that point where I just feel like taking a week off. I know I can’t. But wrapping up a huge project like The Doodle Circle is weird. I’ve been working on it for months! It’s been on my radar for more than a year. And yet another book is waiting in the wings...

Above, I started doodling on a skateboard deck that I’ve had in my studio for quite some time. I started the doodling with Sharpie Poster Paint Pens, but it’s now flaking off, so I’m going to have to wash it off and start over with regular Sharpies. Bummer!

I hope all is going well in your corner of the world and you’re creating something that makes you happy!