Dawn DeVries Sokol


Scribble Studies

I’m starting a little exercise in my journal today. I’m calling it Scribble Studies.

Lately, I’m doodling more faces. I’ve realized that if I do them in a more scribbly way, the form is more forgiving and I’m not so worried about making them “perfect”. But I also don’t have much patience to scribble a whole portrait or face. And that’s when I decided to scribble the avatars of peeps who show up in my FB and Twitter feeds.

It makes it more easy, more approachable, much less intimidating. Some avatars are easier than others. No, I don’t scribble any that are just words or graphics. I try to scribble avatars that I find interesting.

So here’s today’s study:

Yeah, there are a couple in there that I hate...I’ll do them over at some point. But others aren’t too bad. I find I’m more accepting of them on this ledger paper. It makes them less precious, less important. In other words, I’m not so worried about the results.

I hope if you recognize your avatar that I don’t offend you. That’s not my intention. This is simply me trying something different. And finding the least intimidating way to do it!

Have a great day!