Dawn DeVries Sokol


New Workshop!

FINALLY, I am bringing my Journal by Design workshop to dawndsokol.com! I mentioned this about a YEAR ago and it just got put on the back burner because of other projects that needed attention at the time. I’ve been wanting to offer this online workshop because I want to teach you what I’ve learned about book and magazine design and how it influences my art journaling.

The workshop will be five glorious weeks of a mini print-design education and how we can improve our art journals with that knowledge. I will teach you what I’ve learned from my past 20 years in print design. I first worked in newspapers, switched over to designing and art directing magazines, and then designed books.

We will focus primarily on the construction of the magazine and the magazine page through topics such as:

  • Structure
  • Use of Color
  • Type Hierarchy
  • Focal Point
  • And other design principles

I won’t teach you HOW to technically design a magazine (ie, InDesign, etc.), but will explain all the ins and outs of publication design, which you can then keep in the back of your mind while art journaling. You will learn a sense of design that will aid you in your art journal. Art journaling is about NO rules, but learning rules of magazine design will definitely help you create a journal page more wisely!

This is no ordinary art journaling workshop! You will learn to look at magazine pages through a page designer’s eyes. We will take a “field trip” or two, play in our art journals through several exercises every week, talk about some of my print design heroes, and take a walk down memory lane through my magazine portfolio! And as with all of my online workshops, there will be a gathering area for students, conversation, and VIDEOS.

The workshop runs live July 15 through August 17 with site access until Dec. 31, 2013.

Some questions you may have:

What will all this goodness cost?

When does registration open?


What if I miss the early-bird fee deadline?

What if I can’t pay the whole fee when I register?