Dawn DeVries Sokol


It’s Been Too Long

Wow, am I embarrassed. I sort of dropped the ball on 10-Minute Journaling. I need to get it back up and going again. I need to get more organized again with this here blog. The last couple weeks have been a bit lackadaisical here. I’ve been painting and just really been zoning out because my allergies have been so bad!

So, 10-Minute Journaling. What is it? For those of you new to 10-Minute Journaling, it’s a recurring feature I thought of last year. We usually claim we don’t have time for our art journals. That’s one of our biggest excuses for not journaling. So I figured I would give you a prompt once a week that would or should only take 10 minutes. You can journal for 10 minutes or let it maybe even get you into the journal longer. It’s up to you.

Today’s 10-Minute Journaling might even take you less than 10 minutes. Just fill one corner of a page in your journal. Start by drawing or doodling a line to section off that corner. Then fill it with doodles, words, collage, whatever! That’s all you need to do! If you go longer than 10 minutes, more power to you!!!

By the way, my lesson for Willowing’s LifeBook went up today! So for those of you who came from LifeBook, WELCOME! If you want to join LifeBook, you still can. Just click on the link in the left sidebar.

Have a GREAT day!