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Doodle Camp is BACK!

YAY! I am hosting Doodle Camp 2013 right here on www.dawndsokol.com, July 8-12! This is the THIRD year I will be playing camp director and every year it just gets bigger and bigger!! This popular class is a week-long online doodling adventure with a bevy of creative goodness. Every year, content is all-new and this year includes:

• Organic Doodling

• Watercolor Doodling

• Alphabet Doodling

• Finding Faces

• Making a coloring book/“planner” to play in later!

It’ll be a fun five days with some fun journaling, friendships, and play! We will have a Facebook group so all the campers can upload their art and chat with each other.

Registration is $35

Sign up now:

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MATERIALS: If there's something here you don't have, don't worry. I don't want anyone to go out and buy a ton of stuff for it!

As with all of my workshops, it has to be said: By clicking the Add to Cart button, you are agreeing to my workshops policy. All sales are final. All rights reserved, @2013 Dawn DeVries Sokol.

All students should have a basic working knowledge of the internet and a high-speed internet connection. Thanks!

A Couple of Q&As on my Workshops Policy:

What is your policy on taking your class and then teaching it to others?

I would ask you to please not do that. I work hard to write my workshops and make them original. This is how I make my living and I ask that you respect that. Thank you.

Can I buy the workshop and share the password to the private blog or the contents of the class with others?

I ask that you please not do that either. Again, I work hard to make a living in this manner. Sharing the password and other class info with anyone who doesn’t register for it is pretty much stealing. You can post your results on your blog if you’d like, but please don’t go beyond that. I hope you understand.